Ash Weir

Hi My name is Ashlee Weir and I love being part of the MaxFit community.


To me, fitness has always been an integral part of my life and have played sport from a young age. Netball became a focus of my mine as a young athlete and I played for New South Wales Institute of Sport (2003-2013) and NSW Swifts at the top of my career (2009 & 2013). Being strong, fit and able to compete at the top of the game was very important to me. Since then, I have had three beautiful daughters which has allowed me to gain greater understanding and respect for my body and its amazing ability to change and adapt to the needs of my body both pre and post pregnancy. Through all of these stages strength training has provided me with the ability to train the whole body, focussing on stabilising the core and pelvic floor to allow me to return to exercise post babies. It is most important to me to lead an active, healthy lifestyle so that I can have a positive impact on my clients and my children.