Our classes run for 40-60 minutes, starting every 20 minutes.

You will work through a 3 part program focusing on strength, a weights circuit and Cardio.

Each day is a different program so you never get sick of the same exercises.

Our classes are all programmed, with only 6 people per class so you have the supervision of a Coach to monitor technique and intensity.

I’ve been coming for over a year now and love everything about MaxFit! I love all the trainers and the relaxed, authentic and inclusive atmosphere they create. The sessions are fun and challenging and the trainers are incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable. I’ve gained valuable knowledge from each and every one of them. I love my training buddies and all the laughs we share. I love that I’m getting stronger. -Katrina-



The single most well-established benefit of CONDITIONING or interval training has to do with heart health. At MaxFit we train using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) principles, to increase cardiovascular endurance, hormone health, improved mood, and general health.

“Cardio that doesn’t feel like cardio” Lara


Pilates is a gift! The changes we see in our clients after just a few weeks is incredible!

Pilates emphasises core strength, postural correction, functional movement, body alignment, pain reduction and the mind-body connection.

At MaxFit we teach the BASI method which "preserves the integrity of the classical repertoire and the essence of Joseph Pilates's philosophy while supporting and encouraging evolution based on experience and scientific knowledge." Rael Isacowitz - Founder BASI Pilates


Improve strength, speed, agility, fitness and coordination in a fun and safe community environment. We have coaches who have worked with Sydney Swifts, Rugby Australia & NSW Rugby, NPL Soccer. 

We are passionate about seeing kids improve in their sport, getting kids active and training with correct technique to improve performance and prevent injury.

We run our juniors program Monday - Thursday 4pm, 4:20 and 4:40pm. Free trials available 

“Wanted to share with you that Gabi has done very well in the school Athletics carnival… she managed to get so many PBs. I am stoked … she absolutely smashed it, coming first in almost all events. Gabi is so happy with the results and she is so thankful to the MaxFit team , as am I.” -Ana-


We offer Personal Training specifically programmed to your needs. We passionate about helping people recognise their potential and work towards their goals! At MaxFit our coaches work with you at your fitness level….working with your body to increase functional movement, strength and cardiovascular fitness. 

We focus on weights based training with cardio towards the end of our session.

We find this approach brings the best results. 

We start out with slowly, gradually increasing volume and intensity as you go, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming in the beginning.

“Traditionally, I haven’t enjoyed the gym. I never enjoyed the pressure of having to look a particular way, lift a certain amount or do things that didn’t suit me. Maxfit could not be more different to that. They push you and achieve results, but in a way that is tailored to you, and in a very non-judgmental environment. I have been doing PT for nearly 2 months now, and it has helped me enormously - encouraging me, and thinking about what will work best for me.” - Mal


We offer nutrition coaching and lifestyle change.

We help you to learn how to 

• Develop the skill of intuitive eating 

• Let go of confusion and anxiety around food 

• Achieve results that will last beyond a “diet”

• Nourish your body with healthy and enjoyable food without restriction!! 

We offer a nutritional/ lifestyle assessment, outline of meal planning and easy prep options, intro to basic macronutrients and portion control etc.

We also look at the process of diet mentality and help clients move to a more intuitive style of eating... learning hunger cues, satiety, changing restriction / binge eating cycle.

We use evidence based principles of Mindfulness, CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapy. 

“Nutrition Coaching is something that is rarely offered and greatly needed when trying to navigate the fitness industry. I have learned so much and finally broken bad habits and negative mindsets and I can safely say this would not have been possible without their help and guidance. If you are looking for a way to break the cycle of dieting and punishing exercise then you need to speak to Hugh and Lara and experience their gym culture and the rewarding experience of being a part of Maxfit." - Sarah


We have coaches who are accredited mental health practitioners who provide, mental health support and coaching, in conjunction with your health and fitness journey. We specialise in anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addictions.

We use evidence based principles of Mindfulness, CBT, ACT, Motivational Interviewing and Solution Focused Therapy. 


Our coaches are certified in Coaching and Training Women, and can assist with a variety of women’s health issues such as 

• Pelvic floor dysfunction
• Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
• Weakness in the core

• Postural correctionPerimenopause/ Menopause Perinatal support and safe training practices