Hugh Perrett

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning coach who has worked in the industry since 2010. Currently I work full time in the medical industry as a weight loss specialist, i have been doing this since 2012 which has provided me with some great education and exposure to the healthcare industry and all its failings.

My personal training background includes playing professional rugby and being exposed to high level performance both here in Australia and overseas in the UK for over 10 years. I have a passion for Strength and Conditioning, and over the last 11 years been gaining experience training a range of clients from absolute newbies to competitive athletes competing in a range of sports.  

Living with type 1 Diabetes has taught me so much about our body’s response to the things we put in it and if we look after ourselves then we can maintain a quality of life and prolong the potential of Illness. Key aspects of a healthy lifestyle that everyone can develop are, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep, stress reduction and laughter, I feel all these components are vital for a healthy approach to living.

Other relevant background experiences include working at Diabetes Australia for 5 years and completing an Education degree at Macquarie University.

For over 20 years i have read, educated and trained myself, coming to the realisation that the more I learn the less I know. One thing i am certain of is that as humans we were designed to move and feel good about ourselves. As a nation Australian has a growing problem in which 3 out of 5 adults are either overweight or obese and current forms of medical intervention are simply not changing the core of the problem. I feel so confident in our evidence-based approach to training and lifestyle modification that MaxFit has made an investment to commercialise our approach, which is a big risk for a young family of four.

My goal for Maxfit is to build a fun, healthy welcoming community that loves to train properly and encourages a well-balanced approach to life. Training has too many health benefits for our bodies that cannot be substituted for quick and easy alternatives, people need to push themselves outside their comfort zones in order to see worthwhile changes.


“Nothing worth having comes easy”

                                                                    -  Someone from google


It’s not about punishing yourself or burning as many calories as you can in 60 minutes. But rather an enjoyable approach that improves movement and builds confidence also allowing you to live a strong and functional life.

Training has been a super enjoyable part of my life that’s social, healthy as well as personally rewarding, I really enjoy sharing those benefits with others no matter what their starting point.