Lara Perrett

 BSW, AMHSW, ASCA Coach, GGS-1, PN1, BASI Pilates

I am passionate about helping people discover the benefits of moving more, eating well, managing stress, and enjoying life. I love spending time in community with others, and I am so thankful for the community we have at MaxFit.


I have been in the health and fitness industry since 2000. During that time I completed my social work degree, majoring in mental health and addiction psychology. I have worked as a therapist in private practice, specialising in depression and anxiety management which has been so beneficial to my work as a personal trainer and nutrition coach.


I have seen so many changes in myself and my clients through resistance training, (consistently), in conjunction with a healthy approach to nutrition, (no low cal diets).


I believe in helping people achieve lasting cognitive and behavioural change, ‘lets start out the way we want to go’… there is no point starting something you know you can’t sustain.


Areas of interest

Fat loss

Body re-composition

Women's Health and recovery

Stress / anxiety management

Nutrition Coaching


I love my job, because journeying with people towards change is a privilege.