Our Services


  • Classes are Capped at 6 people per group to help keep numbers under control and make sure you’re getting the help you need.
  • Bookings for each class are done via our online app to help you plan your week and guarantee your place in each class.
  • Sessions run from 40-60 min and will encompass lifting, and metabolic conditioning so you feel a sense of achievement after every session. 
  • Pilates mat classes are also part of our program. We also offer 1:1 Pilates 
  • Programs are run on a monthly meso cycle in line with our evidence-based training method.  Our programming offers enough variety from day to day to keep you motivated and mentally stimulated. This training style is the most effective as you will see your improvements from week to week.
  • Free workout: Come and chat, check us out… this needs to be a place you feel comfortable, and ready to reach your goals  

 Nutrition Coaching

At MaxFit we use a sustainable approach that ditches dieting and eating plans. We focus on establishing a thorough body and mind transformation.


  • Each program is tailored to the individual, and focus on aspects of physical, emotional, mental and physical health.
  • Our coaching will help you build sustainable habits that are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle; and will help you get results that last.
  • With support, you get to choose what foods are best for you, when to eat those foods, and how much to eat of them.
  • Nutrition Coaching is a 12 week program, consisting of 6 sessions, for $450 in total. Alternatively we can provide an initial consultation outlining a healthy approach to intuitive eating, macro/ calorie breakdown tailored to your specific goals, and meal prepping guide for $80.
  • We provide a thorough assessment, taking into account previous dieting history, habits, barriers to change, and physical health. Our trained health professionals will provide support that draws on psychological principles such as CBT, Motivational interviewing and ACT. This is where the real change takes place, results occur and are maintained.