We offer Personal Training specifically programmed to your needs. We passionate about helping people recognise their potential and work towards their goals! At MaxFit our coaches work with you at your fitness level….working with your body to increase functional movement, strength and cardiovascular fitness.


We focus on weights based training with cardio towards the end of our session.

We find this approach brings the best results.

We start out with slowly, gradually increasing volume and intensity as you go, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming in the beginning.


Traditionally, I haven’t enjoyed the gym. I never enjoyed the pressure of having to look a particular way, lift a certain amount or do things that didn’t suit me. Maxfit could not be more different to that. They push you and achieve results, but in a way that is tailored to you, and in a very non-judgmental environment. I have been doing PT for nearly 2 months now, and it has helped me enormously - encouraging me, and thinking about what will work best for me.” - Mal