Sam Bingham

Hi, my name is Sam, I am a certified personal trainer and a Level 1 strength and conditioning coach.


I started my health and fitness journey back in 2013 where I was playing competitive football (soccer) and suffered injury after injury, always struggling to get back onto the pitch. It was because of these constant setbacks that I decided to pursue the field of strength and conditioning to learn as much as I could about performance training, injury rehabilitation and overall health/ fitness.


My purpose as a trainer/ strength and conditioning coach is to help people achieve the health and fitness goals that they set for themselves. These goals are typically: to improve performance on the sporting field, getting an edge in the workplace, and enhancing individual’s confidence within themselves and their physical abilities.


I am passionate about two things - performance and rehab. These aspects positively affect everyday life, and I want to be a part of the process that helps people see and experience the positive aspects of both. I enjoy working with people and teaching them how to “break themselves down” to then rebuild into a stronger version of themselves.