Our classes run for 40-60 minutes, starting every 20 minutes.

You will work through a 3 part program focusing on strength, a weights circuit and Cardio.

Our classes are all programmed, with only 6 people per class so you have the supervision of a Coach to monitor technique and intensity. We help you with;


⭐️Specific periodised programming

⚖️Weight loss

🏋🏼‍♀️ Improve Strength and Tone

💯Gain knowledge to maintain results

🙌🏼Mental Health Support

💪🏼Accountability & motivation

🖤💛Supportive Community



The benefits of Weight Training*

• Increased Strength and Muscular Endurance

• Effective Weight Management

• Maintain Flexibility and Balance

• Boosts Energy Levels and Mood

• Adds Variety and Provides a Challenge

• Reduces Risk of Injury

• Increases Bone Density

  * Research by Australian Fitness Academy


I’ve been coming for over a year now and love everything about MaxFit! I love all the trainers and the relaxed, authentic and inclusive atmosphere they create. The sessions are fun and challenging and the trainers are incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable. I’ve gained valuable knowledge from each and every one of them. I love my training buddies and all the laughs we share. I love that I’m getting stronger.